The Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO) is a private higher education institution in Moscow having a state license and accreditation. IGUMO was founded on April 24, 1996.

IGUMO is a creative higher education institution that trains professionals in the fields of design and photography. Its graduates possess professional skills in multimedia, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Responsible education is the MISSION OF IGUMO

The Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies has a sustainable system of values that has been formed over the years through the interaction of academic staff, IGUMO employees, and students. Based on our experience, we have created the most comfortable conditions for the professional development of students.


We show respect to every individual we interact with. We demonstrate friendliness, pay attention to one another, and do our best to create an atmosphere of constructive and positive communication. We respect the values, feelings, and moral positions of others.


We are always open to honest dialogue with applicants, students, colleagues, and partners. It is important for us to develop communication in the fields of educational, cultural, professional, and social projects to provide out students with new opportunities and improve our educational space.


We are responsible to students and their parents for creating a high-quality educational environment and a creative atmosphere.


Students participate in carrying out creative projects throughout their education at IGUMO, thus enriching their professional competencies.
Students and academic staff are the greatest value of our educational institution.

STUDENTS LEARN FROM ACTUAL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS WITH EXTENSIVE WORK EXPERIENCE: designers, photographers, business founders in creative industries, directors, art directors, curators of exhibition projects, illustrators, documentary project directors, and photo artists.
IGUMO is constantly developing its international cooperation by inviting experts from abroad and implementing projects with their participation.


In 2020, IGUMO students became the first participants of Bauhaus studios from Russia. After the students presented a successful project at the legendary design school, IGUMO and Bauhaus organised educational intensive courses for designers, students, and teachers of creative studies.


Intercultural communication makes it possible for students to learn how design, photography, and contemporary art are evolving abroad.

International speakers at IGUMO include Swiss photo artists Françoise and Daniel Cartier, Italian architectural photographer Roberto Conte, Chinese artist Kaixuan Feng, German architectural photographer Jiří Honeš, and others.


For 10 years, IGUMO has been hosting the Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) international festival featuring projects by both Russian and international artists.
We welcome accomplished representatives of the design and photography industries to give students a vision of real-world employment opportunities beyond IGUMO and to introduce them to potential employers.


Workshops with designers, photographers, directors, owners of art businesses, artists, and marketing experts take place weekly at IGUMO. The invited guests share their experience in terms of their professional development, showcase their works, and analyze them jointly with students.


Students take part in projects related to design, photography, multimedia, and art in a workshop format under the guidance of experienced professionals from the art industry.


Our guests offer students internships at design studios, photo agencies, media outlets, cultural institutions, and other companies where aspiring professionals can apply their skills and create their portfolios.
IGUMO has everything you need to fulfil your ideas, create professional projects, and get expert support.


Students have access to photography studios, multimedia editing and retouching classrooms, gallery space, printmaking and sculpture workshops, computer classrooms, and Adobe software.


Starting with their first year of training, students are involved in projects at the Institute. They learn to work in teams, manage projects, conduct market research, plan and solve professional problems, and develop their leadership skills.


IGUMO Gallery

The best student art projects and photographs are exhibited in the IGUMO Gallery. The Gallery features new exhibitions every month

Creative Workshops

A platform for collaborative creative experiments of students and renowned art figures, photographers, designers

Linocut Workshop

A workspace for printing images using various printmaking techniques

Sculpture Studio

A studio for sculptural modeling and creating volumetric forms.

Computer Classrooms

Students have access to modern computer classrooms equipped with iMacs, PCs, graphic tablets, and Adobe software

Modern Classrooms

Stylish and comfortable classrooms designed according to students projects

Point Auction

A platform for studying business processes in the art industry, promoting students as artists, and selling their works

Photo Studios

IGUMO has three photo studios with cyclorama, lighting equipment, and photographic equipment


A classroom equipped with graphic tablets for creating illustrations

Multimedia Studio

A space with modern computer equipment for video editing and photo processing

Analogue Photo Lab

A workshop with equipment for film development and analogue photo printing

Yoga Classroom

An ideal room to lie in shavasana, relax, and get a boost of energy for a productive day


A cozy place to enjoy delicious coffee while chatting with friends or working

IGUMO Atmosphere


The Institute for The Humanities and Information Technologies is a Moscow-based higher education institution established on April 30, 1992. The Institute has been carrying out innovative educational techniques based on creativity for 28 years already. IGUMO is the space filled with mutual respect, professional development, and self-fulfilment. It appreciates initiative attitude, love towards future profession, and readiness to work in team. IGUMO has been the right holder of Responsible Education trademark since 2009. 

Our students are offered jobs even before their graduation during their practical training. We train active and thinking professionals revealing the potential of every student.



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International internships, student exchanges, scientific conferences, and summer schools are integral parts of IGUMOs educational policy. The Institute actively develops international contacts and joint creative projects with international universities and cultural institutions in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, and Lithuania. 

Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) international festival, the Festival of Irish Culture, Open Studios Bauhaus Dessau, and Summer Peace Summit are the forms of development of horizontal international communication and students fulfilment.



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When choosing an educational institution to enter, it is important to feel its atmosphere, see the educational space where students acquire knowledge and professional experience. Creative environment of IGUMO contributes to its students creative mood and fulfilment. 

The students of the Faculty of Design jointly with their lecturers-practitioners worked out all interiors of IGUMO. The European style of the lecture rooms, co-working spaces, computer classes with iMac computers, photo studios with comprehensive studio equipment and cyclorama, creative labs and workshops, student café, and yoga centre are integral elements of educational space at IGUMO.


IGUMO students carry out several large-scale practice-oriented projects. By taking part in project activities, the students learn to address relevant professional tasks, work in team, and interact with representatives of related occupations. The participants of projects help one another, generate new ideas, and develop their leadership qualities. 

Professionals from different areas highly evaluate the results of our students project activities. That is why participation in practice-oriented projects help students fill their portfolios with real cases and provide them with successful start of their professional career.

Days of Contemporary Art festival (www.doca.moscow)

Global Talents all-Russian web-portal (www.globaltalents.ru)

News agency of the Eurasian Womens Community (www.eawfpress.ru)


Everything at IGUMO is literally filled with the atmosphere of creativity. The lecturers always strive to give their students such tasks that require imagination, fantasy, and creativity. The students regularly take part in talent nights, perform plays, organise festivals, shoot videos, do yoga, and enjoy volunteering. Student life at IGUMO is filled with a variety of bright events. 

Student café and yoga classes, therapeutic fencing, teambuilding trainings, and chess tournaments are only a small part of the bright student life at IGUMO. The students feel part of the big friendly family with its spirit of creativity and collaboration, love, and mutual understanding.